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About us

Aurorachana has been fully involved in the antique restoration business

for over 25 years now. In the beginning selling mostly

in the wholesale market to dealers and other wholesalers in Europe and around the world. For the past 10 years specializing in wooden handicrafts, contemporary designs, antique furniture and colonial reproductions. Furnishing of hotels, interior designers and private customers.




The company, managed by German-born Aurovillians Coco and Clemens

from their premises at Aurorachana which is situated on the fringe of the Auroville international township, employs a staff of 19 people, of whom

11 are carpenters and 8 polishers. They specialize in the restoration and

supply of all types of colonial furniture, mostly from the 19th and early 20th century, but can also make high quality reproduction items on request.


Coco and Clemens


Work is done mostly using antique teakwood and other timbers

salvaged from original furniture, and old buildings, thereby retaining the authentic ‘feel’ and quality of each item.

Final oiling is done using imported decking oil from Burma wax to give

a high quality finish and lasting effect.

One of the keys to Aurorachana’s success lies in its large network of agents

plus artifact & furniture ‘hunters’ spread all over south India. Via this network Aurorachana is able to hunt down specific items on request, as well as ensure

a constant supply of restorable – or immediately saleable – material.


In addition to delivery anywhere in India, the company operates an efficient import-export service, the latter by ship or air, handling all the packing, paperwork and despatch formalities. The cost is generally lower than that charged by agents offering similar services in Chennai or Pondicherry, thanks

to lower overheads resulting from being located in a rural area.

teakwood forest

Indian artifacts

In addition to furniture, Aurorachana also deals in a wide range of artifacts in brass and other metals, plus ceramic, pottery and earthenware.

Ganesha artifact
Krishna artifact

Environmental protection and sustainability

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High quality handmade furniture

Handmade furniture from antique to modern design


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