Aurorachana Publishing Service


Aurorachana Publishing Services offers the following services:

Full text digitizing from scanned pages (PDF) or audio files by double or

triple keyboarding several Indian and European scripts and languages:


Sanskrit  /   Tamil  /   Devanagari  /   Grantha  /   Malayalam  /   Odiya

English  /   French  /   German


Formatting is done in validated HTML/XML and Wordprocessors

like MSWord and Framemaker.


Technical and Scientific Management:  Dr. Thomas Malten




Handmade furniture from antique to modern design


Aurorachana / Hope, Edayanchavadi Road, T. N. Auroville 605101 India - Phone: +91 413 2622175, 2623175 - Mobile: 9786666081, 082, 083

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